Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome Home Ivy!

At the beginning of September I took a trip to St. Louis and I got to visit the AG store there with my mom! I bought Ivy and today I'm going to show you her de-boxing and her welcome home!

These first few pictures come from the hotel the night I got her!

Ivy in her box. See it says Ivy!!

Lid off!

Here she is out of the box! Yay!
When we got home I unpacked her and took a closer look at her outfit and her accessories!

She come dressed in a pink patterned, cowl neck shirt:

Green pants with yellow stitching:

Under she is wearing yellow underpants with a rainbow and a little cloud:

And tan stitched boots:

She also comes with gold posts. There is a plastic piece between the earrings and her ears to protect them from any discoloring.

Her accessories come with her beret, purse, coin:

And her dangly earrings:

Here is a close up of Ivy's coin:

And the front and back of her purse! My mom says that my aunt used to make purses just like this!

Here she is with all of her accessories!

Ivy is a Jess mold doll with modified eyes. I'm not sure how they are modified so I compared them with Kanani (also the Jess mold) and as far as I can tell Ivy's eyes a bit narrower and they are painted at the corners. If anyone knows how else they might be modified let me know! I'm curious!

And finally here are a few more pictures of Ivy checking out her new home:

Looking out over the yard
A close up!
Ivy next to the curtains

Ooh plants!
Ivy has made a wonderful addition to our house, and I can't wait to get a few more outfits for her.  I love her hair! It's really silky and smooth and she has beautiful eyes. I haven't read her book yet but it's on my reading list and I will probably do a review of it when I'm done. Till next time!


  1. She's very pretty! Love the shirt!

  2. Three cheers for Ivy! So glad you're pleased with daughter and I love her too!

    1. Thank you! There should be more Ivy fans!

  3. Isn't the modification just that she has the decal eyes and not pinwheel like Jess? Also do you live close to St. Louis? I live there! :)

    1. It that it? I have not a clue and I've always been curious! I don't live close to St. Louis but my mom does! We met there for the Japanese festival and found time to go to the mall!