Thursday, July 23, 2015

Red Robin and Arsenal

And then I took like a month off.....Hey everyone :) hope you guys had a great 4th and a great July so far. After taking a little break (It has been a crazy month, my in-laws came to visit and my brother is visiting and we're doing our first 5k) I'm back and happy to be here! So to get us back up and running today, we are going to talk about two new action figures I've acquired lately.

Arsenal from Red Hood and the Outlaws and Red Robin from Teen Titans! Traci over at A Wild Review Appears has already talked about both of these action figures. You can read her review of Arsenal here and Red Robin here. Her reviews are really good and usually I don't like reviewing stuff she's already done (feels redundant) but then I took too many pictures sooooooo here I am!

Starting with the boxes:
They are pretty much identical to the box that my Red Hood action figure came in. Especially this one. It has a window where you can see the figure in the front, the name of whatever comic this particular character is from and the name of the character its self. The back has a short character history plus pictures of all the other action figures for this particular comic. Here we have Arsenal, Starfire and Red Hood.

Here is a close up of the picture of Roy's face on the back:
Plus his New 52 story.

The two sides of the box are pretty cool too. One side has a nice picture of the action figure.
While the other has an amazing graphic. I adore Roy's!

Tim's is very similar:
You can see this group of figures was inspired by Teen Titans. The back shows you the other figures: Wonder Girl, Superboy and Kid Flash.

These two are totally on my list:
Hi Kon! Hi Bart!

Here is Tim's close up:
And his story.

The sides of his box have a picture of the action figure.
And another kick butt graphic!

Here are the boys in their boxes for the last time: 

And now we're going to switch it up and start with Tim.

Both of these figures are very easy to get out of their packaging.
They come in plastic trays that sit in cardboard trays. The cardboard trays just slide right out of the box.

Tim's plastic trays are a little more involved than Roy's but still very easy to remove things from. He has his wings/cape in one tray and then he's in the other.
The cape popped right out and then, after removing some twist ties, Tim did too!

Here is Tim without his cape:
I'm honestly pretty impressed by the level of detail. But before we get into that how about some basic info? Tim is 6.7 inches tall. He has 17 points of articulation: head, shoulders, biceps, elbows, rotation in his forearms, hips, knees, rotation at the tops of his boots and lastly his ankles. Once again no waist joint though!

Starting with his head, Tim has some FAB hair:
He can almost compete with Shiny Dick's! It's all very well sculpted and I have no paint defects there.

His face is equally well painted:
I really like the skin tone they used with him. His mask is very nicely done, the paint is sharp and i like how the mask is slightly raised. He also has a subtle shine to his lips.

Most of my paint defects are on the golden straps on his costume. You can see one near his shoulder on the left side of this picture:
But other than that I'm very impressed with Tim's costume. The red and the black paint is done very well but most importantly the mold is very detailed. You can see ridges were different "fabrics" would meet, every strap is raised slightly, his abs are subtly outlined and (my favorite detail) they molded little folds of "fabric" in.

I was trying to get a better picture of that here:
You can see "fabric" folds where his chest and shoulder meet and also down on his hip. I just think it adds something to the whole figure when you create the illusion that he's wearing clothing with more than just paint. Very impressed! Also you can see another paint defect on his strap there.

His back is less detailed:
Though they still threw in some "fabric" folds. Mostly his back is just taken up by the giant hole for his cape to go into! You can see how detailed the pouches on his belt are here too.

His arms are very detailed and different! His left arm has the Red Robin symbol on his shoulder:
While his left shoulder is blank. Also I think it's neat that his gloves are different. One thing that I didn't manage to get a good picture of is the insides of his arms. He has red patches on his inner biceps.

If you read my post on my Red Hood figure you will probably remember that I wasn't happy with the articulation. Red Hood had a LOT of stiff joints and some I couldn't even get to work at all. I didn't have this problem at all with Tim. All of his joints worked perfectly straight out of the box. However:
He does have a pretty large gap on the bicep joint of his right arm. It doesn't look like his arm is going to fall off or anything. So I'm really not concerned but since I could get a good picture of it, I had to show you guys!

Moving on to the lower half, Tim's legs are a little less detailed than his torso but still very nice. He has raised patches on his knees:
And more "fabric" detailing on his hip and the transition between the red and black parts of his costume.

Here is a close up of some details:
And more pouches!

The boy does have like the ugliest shoes EVER though:
They are grainy, black, almost ankle boots. I think the reason I don't like them very much is that they almost look puffy? Like Timmy is running around fighting crime in Uggs. Roy and Jason both have very sharp looking shoes. These look squishy in comparison, but they do have some nice molding and detail!

All of the action figures I've gotten in this line so far have come with some kind of accessory. Tim's is his cape/wing thing:
This is the outside!

And here is the inside:
You can see that they are split in the middle. However they don't have any articulation.

They do have some cool details. Here is a vent and what looks like could be articulation......but isn't!
I also like that you can see the rivets that hold the "feathers" on.

The inside is less detailed, though on the edges you can still see rivets.
Also there is the giant peg that holds this suckers on!

The "feathers" are nicely molded.
They even slightly overlap each other at points. And the paint job on these things is really nice! No paint defects here.

Here is Timmy in his whole getup:
We call this his Vegas show-girl costume! The cape is pretty heavy, so much so that I sometimes have a hard time getting him to stand on his own. But it looks really nice!

As far as posing with them on goes he can't do a ton.
But here he is dramatically holding his wings!

I really do like how they look from the back:
They're large but fairly proportional.

And then I goofed around with him for a bit. Here Timmy is doing his best zombie impression:
And then trying a sassy hip and a head scratch.

And then he showed me how he would strangle Roy if only he was out of his box!
Sorry Timmy!

Let's get Roy out of his box. Here he is still in his plastic tray with his accessories:
Ah, the arrow that I lost the day after I took this picture......sigh.

Roy's box was super rattly when I got it. Didn't see anything loose in there, couldn't figure out why it was so noisy. And then I opened the box, pulled him out and found these:

Anyway, here is Roy out of his box:
He says, "A guy gets pretty hungry on a trip like that! I needed snacks!" Roy stands 6.75" tall and has 18 points of articulation.

Roy's costume is sleeveless and just as detailed as Timmy's. There are lots of raised parts when we're changing "layers" as well as multiple straps.
I really like the molded straps around his shoulders and attached to his torso. They go to his quiver in the back and I love that they added that level of detail to his mold.

This is probably not going to be the most popular thing I've ever said, BUT one of my very favorite New 52 Roy things is that he always wears a baseball cap. I know, people probably hate it, but I find it really endearing.  With that being is his hat:
I can't tell what the logo is supposed to be, but a large part of me hopes it's the Queen Industries (Q-Core?) logo. That would be funny!

And yes it is articulated! My favorite bit of articulation EVER!
Also here you can see the one real paint defect this figure has. His lenses are either not in right place or they didn't get painted enough. All in all this isn't a terrible defect. In fact I kind of like it because it makes it look like he's doing a bad ass, Clint Eastwood squint. Otherwise his face is very well done. His sideburns have some really nice texture, his lips are well painted and have a touch of shine and I really like how detailed his ears are.

Here is a close up of his chest:
He has less fabric detailing than Tim but there is still enough to make Roy's costume look like a costume and not paint. Especially around his neck. You can also see the detailing on his belt here.

Going back the the straps I was talking about earlier, here are some better pictures:
The straps go around each arm, they are thinner in front and get thicker towards the back, and they have visible and raised buckles. I really like how this mold can show multiple layers.

He's even got straps that go under his arms:
And another set that attach to his ribs. Also more belt pouches!

Here you can see the rib straps a little better:

All of these straps attach to his quiver:
Which is very large and very full of arrows! These do not come out, the quiver doesn't move but both are painted very nicely and have good details.

Now to my favorite part of his paint job! His tattoos:
They are surprisingly sharp and well done for such a small thing. He's got a large tattoo on his left arm and two smaller ones on his right. The tattoo on his left arm is painted over a joint and so can look funny when his arm isn't totally straight. But it's so well done that when his arm is in alignment there is no gap in the paint. Another thing I want to talk about here is Roy's skin. Tim's skin was very smooth and without faults, but Roy's is more......dirty? Roy's skin has more texture to it, and it seems that either the plastic has some variant in color or he's been painted with like a watered down brown in some places. You can see it best around the elbow joint of his right arm. It just gives him an over all dusty look. Like he's been in a fight recently.....which is likely!

Roy has two different hand molds:
One for holding his arrow and the other for holding his bow.

Both gloves have lacing up his forearms and shiny backs:
I really like the little folds there around his wrist.

Moving on from his upper body, let's talk about the lower half! I've already talked about his belt and pouches a few times but here are some more pictures:
He's even got one under his quiver! What his upper body lacked in "fabric" detailing his pants make up for. They are heavily wrinkled. I like the realistic bunching on his upper thighs! Also note the crotch lacing. I kind wish they had painted the laces a slightly darker color or something. They're the only part of him that looks kind of half-assed, but I can live with it!

Roy also has a hip quiver:
Unlike the quiver on his back, this one can be moved slightly. It's attached under his belt with two flexible straps. The quiver itself is nicely detailed. It matches the one on his back and has several pouches. Three in the front and one long on in the back. The arrows do not move but are fairly well painted and look nice.

Here is the side of his wrinkly pant leg:
And his boot.
I LOVE his boots!
The foot part is mostly the same matte maroon as the darker parts of his upper body, but the rest is shiny! They are very structured with a strap around the back of his upper calf.

And a knee cap thingy that looks like it could break some faces:
Yeah.....I really like his shoes. Also do you see the little folds at his toe? So much awesome detail!!

Roy comes with a bow and one arrow:
The bow is painted red and shiny.

It has a few nice details:
I actually really like that little zig zag there. The string is just a black string tied to the bow through holes in the arrows on the end.

Here is the arrow:
It's nicely molded and painted like the rest of him, but it also doesn't stay in his hand for crap.

This is the only way I could get him to hold it:
Also I lost the darn thing the next day. I'm pretty sure it's in my basket by our sewing table, but I don't want to take everything out to look right now...I will eventually!

Here are a few more action poses:

The bow actually makes for a pretty decent prop!
He's really cool!

:Like I said earlier these figures can have some really stiff joints. In fact poor Traci broke her Arsenal trying to get one of his arms to move. Luckily my Arsenal's joints worked fine out of the box and with a LOT of gentle wiggling I got my Red Hood's to work too!
Now he can bend his elbows!

And pull off some better poses:
So awesome! I'm like 100% more in love with him now and I loved him a lot!

Also, just a little nit picky thing, but Timmy! They made you too tall:

Here are all of my DC Collectables action figures:
If any of you are interested in getting your own figures, they are all still available from Amazon right now. However as New 52 has kind of gone bye-bye, they might not be around for much longer. I would get them while you can!
I hope you guys enjoyed this very long and very over due post!  I'm going to try and get one more out before July is over but my brother is visiting next week and I'm not sure how much computer time I'll have. If I don't make it I'll see you in August! Till then!


  1. I love the amount of detail on these figures - congrats on adding them to your collection, and thanks for sharing them! I can't believe how much better the DC Collectibles line is than the old DC Direct line - it's stunning.

    On a different note, for a minute I thought you were going to say that those random seeds were mouse droppings. *shudder* I was relieved to see that they're weren't!

    1. I'm really impressed with them! OMG if they had been mouse droppings I would have been sending him back!

  2. They are very cool! I'm glad you like them!