Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bratzillaz Blood-Red Charm Outfit

Now that I've confessed my nasty little secret we can get on with stuff I got in December! Like I said a couple of posts back, I got a lot of Amazon gifts cards for my birthday/Christmas. I decided to finish up my Sashabella collection and the Blood-Red Charm outfit was on my list!

Here it is in the box:
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I really dig the box art for this line! I don't know why but I love that it's spooky and yet all very bright colors!

And here is a close up of Sashabella and the outfit.
But wait! Did you guys notice something strange!? That Sashabella has side-glancing eyes!! I want that! Why did we never get side-glancing eyes for Sashabella!? It's my one regret with her!

Anyway, the outfit comes with a dress, jacket, hat, purse, boots and a vest for Fluffinscruff!
You may or may not be surprised to find out that it was almost as had to get out of the package as the dolls are. Is that just a thing these days?

The boots are amazing!
They are black plastic molded to look like they are covered in straps and they turn up slightly at the toes.  Such perfect witch boots!

The purse is red and black molded plastic.
It does open and there is a small space in it but it's really too small to put more than a piece of paper in there.

My Midnight Beach Sashabella is getting this outfit. Mostly because it's been cold and I've felt really bad for her in that bikini! Also because I don't want to take first wave Sashabella's leggings off a lot.
I think this outfit makes her look even greener but oh well! It's still really cute.

The dress is stiff and glittery. Luckily it doesn't shed too bad!
I like the puff ball belt!

The fur on the jacket and the bottom of the dress is really nice and soft. It did shed some but I'm pretty sure it's stopped now.
The jacket is my favorite part. It's just really cool and it goes well with Fluffinscruff's vest!

Fluffinscruff does not have very movable arms so I was worried about how to get it on her.
But the sides velcro! So it was very easy and it's stinking adorable. It's made of the same fake leather as Sashabella's jacket and it has a fake zipper teeth down the front.

Here they are together!
You can also see the dress without the jacket here. The netting is very cute but very delicate. I got is stuck on the velcro of the dress for a few seconds and about had a heart attack!

I have to say that I really like this set. I love that they included a little something for the pet and it wasn't a throw away thing! The velcro under the arms is genius and I'm pretty impressed. It is well worth the $6 I paid for it! In fact I'm kind of tempted to buy more of these clothing sets now just to have some options.

One more thing before I go! Last time I mentioned that I was going to try and fix basic Sashabella's bangs. Here they are before:

And here is after:
They are better! Her hair in general is a lot smoother and the bangs are a little more tame but I'm going to keep working on them. You know I have to mess with them till I'm happy!

I was going to finish up the rest of my Bratzillaz collection and then move on to the AG items I got but I think I'm going to break it up a little! If this line is over like all the rumors say I kind of want to savor my last Sashabella review. So I'll see you guys next time with something for Molly!


  1. Oh, I love Blood-Red Charm outfit. That's, hand down, my fav Bratzillaz outfit out of all.

    I'm not really that found of boots though as they are exact the same boots like basic Meygana and basic Jade expect of not being painted.

    1. It's a super cute outfit! My favorite so far.

      There are more of these boots? Darn it don't tempt me to buy MORE dolls :P

    2. Yes, basic Meygana have the same boots, but with buckles painted gold and Jade have buckles painted silver. (By basic I mean original wave dolls not those unarticulated and with painted eyes)

  2. Very cute! Glad you were able to get her bangs fixed!

    1. They're not too bad! Thank you for her! :D