Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bratzillaz Addiction

Like I said in my last post, I have a confession to make....I have been cheating on my big dolls.

Remember in my post about Veau where I said, "I don't want to spend money on these dolls when that money could go towards something from AG or A Girl for All Time?" Yeah I failed. To be fair I've only spent over $10 on one of them but I now have five Sashabellas + and I think it's time to come clean. Unfortunately I'm doing this just as it looks like there won't be anymore but oh well. There is always hope! Also before we begin I should say that this is a very VERY picture heavy post. I'm going to be talking about my first four Sashabellas so sorry about that in advance and these are not going to be reviews! This is just a short YAY PICTURES thing.

My first Sashabella was also the most expensive. She is the Magic Night Out Sashabella and the one that made me love the character so much that I decided to collect all of her incarnations!

I kind of went to Walmart on a whim. I wanted to get one of the first wave dolls but they didn't have any. All they had was Midnight Beach and Magic Night Out.  I already knew that Meygana was gorgeous and that I loved her but red hair is a weakness of mine and I'm really trying hard to get more diverse things. Still she's so pretty that in the end it came down to her or Sashabella!

I ended up choosing Sashabella.

I went with her for many reasons! I love her tattoo, I also love her super white hair next to her skin (dorky confession here: she reminds me of Ororo Munroe aka Storm) but her kick butt hat and those amazing shoes are what finally tipped the scale in her favor.

Sashabella always has my favorite shoes!

Here she is with all her stuff including her wand/broom?

For the most part her hair was really silky smooth, in fact she has the best hair of all my Sashabellas, but she had this funky, curly mess in the back.

So she got a boiled water treatment!

Much better I think! I love her hair so much! 

By the way, none of these doll can stand on their own except for the last one I'm going to show you today and she takes some fiddling. For the most part they're all propped up if they're not on the stand.

Her dress has super cool detail to it! I really the mesh.

Tattoo time!
See, isn't that awesome? My favorite!

She's suppose to do some dance thing? Mine really doesn't.
T-Rex arms!
 I don't care! She's my favorite.
I love her olive colored eyes! The rest of my Sashabellas have the super bright green eyes of the original, which you will see shortly, but I wish they had used these!

Being absolutely in love with MNO Sashabella I decided to order the first wave and Midnight beach dolls form Amazon. I was worried about wonky eyes but I got pretty lucky. All of mine are good enough for me!

I do really like all of the box art!

Her hair was horrible! But since I had read a lot of reviews about these dolls I expected that. 
 I worked on it a bit and it's not too terrible now:
I still really love the color and the black streaks!

Here she is in her full get up:
I think her outfit is my favorite of all the lines. I'm kind of in love with the sock things!

Her cape is pretty cool too:

She also has awesome boots and of course her super awesome tattoo:

Here she is without the cape:

She has pretty cool earrings.
 They are molded bronze chains.

But they are WAY too long!
They like stab her poor shoulders!

Here is one more picture:
 She can almost cross her legs.

And here is part of the + I mentioned at the beginning of this post:
Yup! I have Fluffinscruff! I kind of love how the fur on her cape and Fluffinscruff's hair match!

Honestly I just love this thing!
When you push the button it growls and it's adorable! No regrets there.

Midnight beach Sashabella looks really strange next to my other girls. She's so pale and green!

But I've kind of grown to really dig her!

One thing I do not dig?
 These stupid boxes! Getting the dolls out is such a PAIN!

Her hair wasn't bad straight out of the box. I didn't do much to it really.

And here she is:

I really love her furry bikini! I've seen the others and I really think her's is the best looking.
Totally  love that glittery bone!

She also has a really neat necklace with skulls and while her hat is just a recolor of her original hat I like it! It works well.

Her earnings are okay. They're golden chains or something and she got the standard Midnight Beach sandals in red and yellow. 

Her little skirt has a cool geometric print. I really like the colors. 
 It's supposed to turn into a cape, but I've never figured out how. I like it as a skirt though.

The sunglasses are probably my favorite part of this outfit.
 She can peek over them! How cute is that?

And here she is with the sunglasses off:
I'm pretty sure her bangs are not supposed to be like that but that's how they came and I like it! So I've never fixed them.

She does glow in the dark!
It really only lasts for a few minutes though. I got these pictures by taking a picture with my flash on and then turning my flash off and taking another. It makes her glow super bright!

And finally I want to show you the basic Sashabella. 
This is the line with very limited articulation and the painted eyes. My bff bought her for me!

Here is a close up of all the basic dolls:
I really love Cloetta in this line. She has adorable hair!

Basic Sashabella is pretty cute though:

Her dress is an sweet little asymmetrical number!

Her hair band and earrings match.
So does the clasp on her cape. They are little fanged kitty heads! Her boots are a brown version of her first wave boots. 
I honestly don't mind the repeat. They are awesome boots!

Her hair was pretty good out of the box, except for her bangs. They stick out terribly! 

I don't think Sashabella's eyes translated well. But I still find her face pretty engaging. 
She's not quite as pretty as the rest but she's got her own charm.

That about wraps up this post! But before I go, I decided to try and fix her bangs after I took the pictures for this post!
I'll let you know how they turned out next time.  I took advantage of the sun today and got quite a few pictures for my next post which will be on the Blood-Red Charm outfit. I'm going to start knocking some posts out this week. Thank you for sticking with me through all this pic spam and I'll see you next time!


  1. She does look a lot like Ro, and I really like that! Not really the biggest fan of the beach one because of her skin tone but the very first one is pretty cool! I hope they keep making them for you :P

    1. I have grown to like her but yeah originally I just bought the midnight beach doll for completion purposes!