Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Victoria Antique

I lied! There is going to be one more Bratzillaz post after this one. Mostly because I took way too many pictures but also because I might only ever have one more Sashabella and I want to give her a good post. With that said: today we are going to talk about Victoria Antique!

I ended up buying her solely because I needed  around 7 more dollars to get free shipping (from Amazon) and she was 8 something. Of the two newest dolls though she the one I wanted most so it ended up being a really good deal for me.

Here she is in her box:

And a close up of all the dolls in the Back to Magic line.
I love Jade and Meygana's hats. I don't know why they didn't do similar hats for all the girls. Especially since I have at least four versions of the witch hat they used here.

Close up of Victoria's picture.
Her power is making old things like new!

Have I ever said how much I hate these boxes?

And after much hard work here is Victoria out of her box:
She only comes with her brush. No purse or stand which I find disappointing. She is a stunning doll though!

She had a much wider smile that Sashabella and I love her peachy lipstick. I actually really love all her makeup.
She's got gorgeous green and gold "scales" on either side of her face. They start at her forehead and wrap around to nearly her jaw.

Her eye are yellow with a circle of orange around her vertical pupil.
Here you can also see her eyeshadow a bit better. She has gold on her eyelids with a touch of green above and below on her lower lid.

Her witchmark is an orange snake on her forearm.
And you can also see her bracelet there. It's really pretty but it constantly falls off.

Her earrings are made out of yellow plastic and kind of look like scales to me but I'm not sure if that's what they were going for or not.
Her hat is a red and black version of first wave Sashabella's.

Her outfit is several pieces. The first is a high necked top.
It is divided not quite in the middle with a blue ribbon. One side is black with a sparkly mesh "sleeve." The other side has more of a bell shaped sleeve with a pattern of red leaves on yellow tartan.

She's got the Magic Academy crest sewn on to one side.
And there is a close up of the yellow sleeve.

Her belt is a gold and black cord that is just tied around her waist.

Under the top and belt is a strapless, one-piece short outfit.

The top half is blue with a scale pattern.
And the shorts are match the yellow sleeve of her top with black ribbon around the bottom edge.

It velcros in the back.
This is actually pretty hard to get on and off so I don't imagine that Victoria will be changing cloths too often. The shorts are very tight around her thighs.

Her stockings are black mesh with gold thread.
Probably meant to look like scales again!

Her shoes are my favorite part! They are two snakes that wrap around her legs.

Actually they don't really wrap. I've seen some Monster High and Every After High shoes that actually do wrap around the doll's leg.
But here the snakes are attached to a black piece of plastic that is then split down the middle. It works!

She has the standard Bratzillaz body with 11 points of articulation.

Her hair is very interesting. It's black with a stripe of green at her temples.
It comes styled in four braids pulled up into pig tails or a sort. Or loops like Kirsten's.

My doll's braids were pretty flat and the ends were pretty messy. Plus I wanted to see what it looked like down so I snipped the first set of rubber bands.
Now she looked a bit like Medusa!

Here is her part before I totally messed it up!

I unbraided her hair and then I started brushing.......
And brushing and her hair just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Seriously we had a bride of Frankenstein situation on our hands!
So she got a quick dunk in some hot water:

And her hair is GORGEOUS!
It falls to about the back of her calves and it's so silky!

The rooting pattern is pretty good! No strange bald patches or anything.

We tried a couple of different styles! Buns:

Which are cute but her hair is a little static prone and so down it tends to fly everywhere!

Eventually we just went with two braids. But I think I might try and to multiple small braids later on.

 For now she matches her friend  Back to Magic Sashabella!

I hope you all enjoyed this look at Victoria Antique. I'm really glad I got her and I really wish there were more versions of her because I find her incredibly beautiful. I can always hope! Next up is Ivy's Rainbow Romper! Till then.


  1. She's very pretty! Her name sounds so steampunk LMAO, I'm not sure if I'm thrilled she's not or confused that she's not :P

    1. She seems a touch thrown together to me! I'm not sure what her name, theme and power really have in common! I am glad they didn't give her a stereotypical Asian name though.

  2. She's a really visually interesting doll!

    I'm curious, what kind of eyes to the Bratzillas have?

    1. She is! She seems a bit fuzzy to me in her theme (what do snakes have to do with her power?) but I love her!

      Except for the very basic dolls with painted eyes they all have plastic inset eyes. It is the reason I chose them over Monster High!'