Friday, February 28, 2014

Ivy's Rainbow Romper

By the time you guys are reading this (if I got this whole scheduling thing right) I'll be in Colorado and hopefully on my way to the Denver AG store in the next couple of days! I still have birthday money to spend I know exactly what I'm getting! That means lots of new things for you guys to see later, but before that we have to finish up a few things.

For Christmas I got Ivy's Rainbow Romper from my hubby. He really knows how to keep a lady happy! Because I'm a dork I couldn't put this on Ivy right away (It was too cold! She'd freeze her dolly buns off!) so I had to wait for a sunny day and finally last week I got one!

This is a three piece set. The romper is made out of white terrycloth with a red terrycloth collar and a rainbow belt.
 It has two functional pockets in the front and velcros down the back.

It comes with orange flip flops.
 They are made from orange foam and the strap and thong portion is made from clear plastic.

The last part of this outfit is a red bandanna for Ivy's hair.
 It's really half of a bandanna. One side is printed on and the other is not. 
I found this bandanna to be a bit too big for Ivy's head so I ended up rolling it up a bit. You'll be able to see that in the rest of the pictures!

Here is Ivy in the full outfit before we headed outside!

The flip flops don't go between her toes of course. They are held on by a clear, stretchy strap around her heel.
This is actually the first pair of doll flip flops I own and I think  they are cuter than heck!

The bandanna is straight up adorable.
And the way I have it folded it hangs midway down her hair. Unfolded it nearly covered her hair completely.

Not going to lie the rest of this post is all Ivy pic spam because I LOVE this outfit!
Man lady we've got a lot of work to do back here!

 Ivy doesn't think she's quite big enough to clean my hubby's car!

Relaxing on the top of the fence.

Surveying the yard

Beautiful Ivy
I adore this outfit so much! I have no complaints. It fits like a dream, it's appropriate for her age, the colors look amazing on her and it's perfect for summer. I especially love the bandanna and the flip flops. How cute are they?  

Thank you for reading this review of Ivy's Romper! I highly recommend it. Till next time!


  1. Adorable! You've already been to the ag store btw and you got cool stuff :P

    1. Yes I have! Didn't expect to get to go the first day in Colorado!