Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Molly's Skating Outfit

One thing I got for Christmas from my sister/bff is the now archived Molly's Skating Outfit and her skating accessories! Yay thank you friend! So that is what we are going to talk about today!

Just a few notes before we start: 1. It is really muddy here so unfortunately there are only a few pictures of Molly in this outfit because we couldn't go outside and 2. please ignore how much I need to vacuum! My belt broke and I haven't gone to get a new one yet. Okay! On to Molly's Skating Outfit:

Here is the outfit:
It consists of a jacket, skirt and a pair of matching red undies!

The jacket is made of blue fleece trimmed in red and covered in embroidered snowflakes.
I really like the fleece. It's very soft and looks really warm. I also really like that the color scheme is red white and blue. Almost all of Molly's original outfits were red, white and/or blue to some extent. Later on they deviated from that scheme but this is a nice little kick in the nostalgia feels!

The snowflakes are beautifully done. 
There are two kinds scattered around the jacket. Red and white snowflakes and plain white ones. I really like that they varied the snowflakes! I think it just makes the red pop just that much more.

The  jacket also has three clear, plastic, working buttons down the front.
It's not lined but it's fleece! It doesn't need to be. All the seams are very neat and tidy.

The back is just plain blue!
The hood will go over her head, but it's a little snug and since my doll's hair is very old I'm a little reluctant to try too hard. 

The skirt is made out of red  flannel.
 It opens with velcro in the back.

The underpants are also made of red flannel. 
And they have elastic at the waist.

The accessories for this outfit are Molly's Skates and Muffs.
The set includes a muff for her hands, skates and earmuffs!

The earmuffs are basically two disks of white fake fur attached to a headband. They look pretty good from this side:
 But a little less realistic on this one:
But they are very cute and tiny!

The muff is made out of the same white fur with a lining on the inside.

The skates are easily my favorite part of this whole outfit. 
They are made of fake leather and trimmed at the top with the same white fur used on the muffs.

They have working laces and some really nice stitching detail around the toe and heels.

The best part about them is how heavy and substantial they feel. I think a lot of that is due to the blade at the bottom.
They just feel and look so realistic!

Here is the whole outfit on Molly:
I love the way the skirt flares around her legs and how cute her little knees look poking out under it.

I find that the earmuffs can be a little difficult to get on with her glasses.
They tend to move the glasses away from her face but it just requires a quick adjustment and they're worth it!

That HUGE tag drives me crazy! I probably had to stop and tuck it back in five or six times while I was taking pictures!

And here is one more close up for the road:
Seriously I love this outfit! My one and only complaint is the stupidly huge tag on the earmuffs. I know I could cut it off but the idea makes me cringe a little so I guess I'll just keep tucking it away. It's adorable on Molly and perfect for all this chilly weather we've been having lately! That's about all for this post! I'll see you guys next time when we will continue to wrap up what I got in December and probably finish my Bratzillaz posts for a while. Till then!


  1. She's very cute! I'm a bad person and cut tags off of stuff all the time. Emily's headband, for instance.

    1. I might eventually! But for now I just can't quite make my fingers close the scissors!

  2. I hate those tags and will slice them off so fast it's ridiculous. I know who made the headband AG. Maybe it will help to keep the tag?

    1. You would think they could at least make smaller tags for the smaller things! I didn't think about keeping it......hmmm I might do that!

  3. It's too bad they had to attach the tag by stitching in on straight across the top - I don't see why they wouldn't just have it hanging by something narrower so that it would be easy to snip off (and then save and reattach if you wanted).

    Anyway, I love those skates - they did a great job making those look realistic!

    1. The skates are amazing! I was legit surprised by how heavy they are!

  4. This was always one of my favorite outfits for Molly, though I definitely think she needs a pair of tights to go skating! And I know I'm echoing everyone else, but I also hate the tags.

    1. Tights would have been a nice addition. I may have to get her some!

      It's okay! We can all be united in our hatred of tags :)

  5. Her jacket looks so cuddly. I'd have to cut off the tag--it would rive me crazy if it kept popping out!

    Did the older Mollys have a lighter color brown hair? The newer Mattel Mollys seem to have darker hair, but maybe the difference I'm seeing is just due to lighting.

    1. You know I'm not sure about the hair! My Molly is like a 23 year old white bodied Molly that I got last summer and restored. Her hair might have faded? Her original owners didn't really take the best care of her!